Septic System Inspections

Before cleaning septic tank inspection done by ROS Septic Tank Cleaning ProsWhenever you are purchasing a home, you must get the septic system inspected before closing the deal. Many of the banks also require that you have a septic system inspection before they approve you for a home loan. After the purchase of the home, a septic system requires a thorough inspection every three to five years, depending on the house size and usage, it also depends on the septic tank size.  

There usually are two types of septic system inspections. The first one is visual, and the other one is a complete one. The visual inspections are generally performed by the home inspectors. A typical visual inspection includes three reviews, the first one being if all the toilets easily flush and no leaks are visible. The running of the water and the flushing of toilets are checked. The septic tank is not reviewed or opened in visual inspection. The visual inspections are quite limited and are not likely to be able to detect any significant problems with your septic system.

The full inspection process as the name indicates a complete inspection of your septic system and is useful in detecting any significant problems with your septic system. The drain field is dug at multiple places, and if any standing water is found, then the system requires maintenance. The liquid level is checked by the tank. The flow of the water from the house to the tank is checked to see if there are clogs in the pipes.

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