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Ros Septic Tank Cleanig Pros is best for New Tank InstallationIf there is a septic tank in your home, it is of crucial importance that the septic system of the home functions optimally to keep the household running. ROS Septic Tank Services provides you with the best Septic Tank Services that include services such as septic tank cleaning, septic tank pumping, and septic tank repair and installation.

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ROS Septic Tank Services is one of the best septic system service providers in Oklahoma state. With years of experience and a trustworthy client network, we are here for you. We have professionals to fulfill all your Septic Services, whether it be a significant work like septic service installation or septic tank cleaner, septic tank pumping, and even septic tank maintenance we have all the experienced personnel for you. 

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Our Septic System Services

A septic service installation is not just a one-time thing; like many systems, it will require maintenance, and it will have a fault that may need fixing. That is why we are here to provide you with all the septic services related to the job.

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank pumping is not a matter to be taken lightly. If you have chosen a reliable service provider for your septic tank construction, then they might also provide you services like pumping, repair, and maintenance later. The professionals will also keep you up to date on when it is time to pump out your septic system.

Generally, the time for septic tank pumping is when the scum and sludge have exceeded 6 inches above the pipe and are in a dire need for removal. We provide the best service for all your pumping needs for the septic tank.

Worker pumping for cleaning a septic tank in Tulsa
Septic cleaning work

Septic Tank Cleaning

Many people wonder how to clean their septic tank once it is installed; it is not a big feat. And we provide you with all the septic tank cleaning services available for you. It is not a good idea to try and handle the cleaning of the septic system on your own; it is because any of the material that is pumped out of the septic tank has to be stored in a specialized transport container and disposed of by following federal regulations. Even the slightest mistake can lead to severe hazards to health.

Septic System Installation

The installation of a septic system requires a suitable soil. There are other factors, as well. Though many areas do not have appropriate soil for the installation of a septic system, due to that, there comes a need for an alternative system. The need for an alternative system also arises when there are too many septic systems in the area or when the orders are quite close to the groundwater or the surface water. The alternative septic systems use new technology for the improvement of the treatment process, but they need special maintenance and care for them to run smoothly.

Environmentally friendly septic tank being lowered into ground.
Septic tank need maintenence work

Septic System Maintenance

Any system requires a maintenance plan for it to work smoothly. Just like we need food and water and a good night’s rest, similarly, the things we use also require some sort of upkeep and maintenance to keep them running like a well-oiled machine. A septic system maintenance plan is provided to you by us, and we have the best professional for the job. So, you can sit and relax while your septic tank is being maintained.

Septic Tank Repair

Sometimes, due to certain conditions or load or any stress, the septic system might malfunction and may require some sort of repair. A sound system is one that has been maintained thoroughly, but even then, some problems occur no matter the level of maintenance: a leaky pipe or a problem with the drain field, to name a few. We provide you with the best service professionals for all your repair needs. 

Reaparing septic tank can expense of installing new one
Septic tank inspection should be done in a regular manner

Septic System Inspections

A sound system is one that has been regularly inspected on time. Since inspections are a part of the service that we provide you with, you have nothing to worry about. We have technicians who are trained to follow all the safety measures while dealing with your septic system. So, you can be at ease, knowing full well that it is in safe hands.

How to Maintain your Septic System

Though having a septic tank is one matter, but maintaining and caring for it is another entirely. How do you manage something if you do not know a thing about it? So here are some tips on the subject.

The maintenance system of the septic system is not at all complicated, and it does not need to be an expensive one. The upkeep of the tank boils down to the four vital elements, which are:

  •         Inspection and pumping of the tank frequently
  •         Efficient usage of water
  •         Disposal of waste in an efficient manner
  •         Maintenance of the drain field

Frequent inspection and pumping of the system

An average house’s septic system must be inspected every three years by a professional of the service. The household septic tanks are more commonly pumped every three to five years. The alternative systems having electric float switches, mechanical components, or pumps must be inspected more often than the other, most probably once a year. Though a service contract with the organization is essential for systems with mechanized parts, we provide you with these options as well. The significant factors influencing the frequency of the septic tank pumping are the following:

  •         The size of the house
  •         The quantity of wastewater generated
  •         The volume of solids in the wastewater
  •         The size of the Septic Tank

When we call a Septic Tank Inspection personnel, they will mostly inspect the tank for leaks and examine the sludge and scum layers in the septic tank. The best decision is to keep the records of maintenance performed on the septic system so the provider knows the previous problems and can inspect more precisely.

The septic tank in your house has a T-shaped outlet, and this outlet prevents the scum and sludge from exiting the tank and going into the drain field. The bottom layer of the scum is within six inches, or the top of the sludge layer is within twelve inches of the outlet, then it time for the septic tank pumping. Keeping track of the pumping schedule can be done by writing down the scum and sludge levels found by the septic system professionals.

We provide you with complete transparency in all your repair services, so you are in full knowledge of your septic tank condition.

Efficient usage of water

On a medium scale, a single-family house’s typical water usage is around seventy gallons an individual per day. A leaky or running toilet is capable of wasting up to two hundred gallons of water a day.

 Every water household is designed in a way that it sends downpipes that wind up in the septic system. The higher conservation of water in a home, the lesser water will enter the septic system. The efficient usage of water improves the process of the septic system and lowers the chances of failure of the system, thus increasing its life.

Efficient disposal of water

Whether we are flushing down the toilet, grinding it in the garbage disposal, or pouring in down the shower, bath, or sink, everything going down the drain ultimately ends up in the septic system. So, it is of crucial importance what goes down your drain, as it will affect the performance of the septic system. Your toilet is not your trash can, and you need to understand that. Not everything should go down the drain, a simple rule to follow is easy; never flush anything except human waste and the toilet paper. It is imperative that we never flush the following things:

  •         Wipes that are non-flushable such as wet wipes or baby wipes
  •         Female hygiene products
  •         Grease oil or cooking oil
  •         Photographic solutions
  •         Diapers
  •         Cigarette butts
  •         Cat Litter
  •         Dental floss
  •         Pharmaceuticals
  •         Paper towels
  •         Household chemicals such as pesticides, paint, gasoline oil, antifreeze, or paint thinners.

The septic system has a variety of living organisms digesting, and treating the house waste and pouring things that could be toxic to these organisms effectively kills them and ultimately causes the septic system to malfunction.

Maintenance of the drain field

The drain field is an active component of the septic system and is useful in removing the contaminants from the liquid emerging from the septic tank. Some key points on the maintenance of a drain field are:

    • Never park or drive on the drain field. It will cause unprecedented problems for your vehicle as well as the area.
    • Planting of trees, if required, should be done at an appropriate distance from the drain field to prevent the roots from growing into the septic system. A service professional can guide on the proper length required based on the septic tank and the landscape.
    • Keep all the roof drains, rainwater drainage systems, and sump pumps away from the drain field area. Excessive water not only slows down the wastewater treatment but, in some cases, permanently stops it.

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